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Triple P is a toolbox of solutions for parents. You choose the type of help you need. You choose the time and place. It’s all about making Triple P work for you and your family.

Triple P knows parents have different needs. For example, some may be cruising along and just want a parenting tip or two to make life smoother at bedtime or at the shopping centre. Getting tips online or on a DVD may be all they need. Others could be in serious trouble and need special, one-on-one help to get them through.

That’s why, in Manitoba, there are various Triple P programs and services. You know what suits you and your family best.

To find a program near you call 945-4777 or toll free 1-877-945-4777.

Types of Triple P:

  • Brief – one-on-one sessions for everyday parenting concerns
  • Seminars – informal presentations for large groups of parents
  • Groups – group sessions for more serious problems