Choosing Training

How do I Choose the Appropriate Training Course?

The best course for you depends on several factors:

  • your professional background (family physician, general practitioner, nurse, psychologist, social worker)
  • types of families you work with (parents of teens, parents of a child with a disability)
  • method of work with parents (individual or group work)
  • complexity of family problems (mild or severe behavioral/emotional problems)
  • objectives of your organization or project (universal or targeted prevention/early intervention)
  • available funding

There are a number of tools available on the Coordinators Network to help you with your choice:

  • Decision Tree – a flow chart that can help you determine the best training for your situation.
  • Triple P Provider Options Table – a more detailed description of the Triple P courses, including a breakdown of the courses, target populations and target practitioners

For more assistance or information, call 204-945-2266 in Winnipeg or email at