What can Triple P do?

What Triple P Can Do For You

  • Take the guesswork out of parenting
  • Help you feel confident that you are doing the right thing
  • Give you parenting tools you can use right away

There is no one right way to be a parent, but Triple P offers information, support and practical answers to everyday parenting concerns. It’s an approach that’s easy to follow and you’ll see that even small changes can make a big difference to your family.

Triple P promotes children’s development and manages children’s behaviour and emotions in a way that’s helpful and not hurtful. It develops strong relationships, builds good communication and gives positive attention to encourage good behaviour.

It’s a great way to parent because children who grow up with positive parenting do well at school, make friends easily and feel good about themselves. And they’re much less likely to develop behavioural or emotional problems when they get older.

It’s also great for you because positive parenting helps you feel more confident, less stressed and have less conflict with your partner over parenting issues.